About the Estate Agents

About the Estate AgentsThis is an example of a website page, you can edit this page to put information about yourself and your business or your website so visitors know what you are about. You can create as many pages like this as you want and you can also create as many sub-pages as you want and then manage all of your content inside your website admin panel.

Website Content is Important

Each main website page needs to be around 600 words of text in order to fill it with enough quality, unique “stories” to make your website stand out and to help the search engines to recognise that your website is good enough to be returned on the front page of search results.

Search Engines like Google really do want to find the best content on the Internet to return on searches so great content is the main key to website ranking success.

Paragraph Headings are Great for two Reasons

For best results your 600 ish words of text should be separated by paragraph headings, this makes it easier for website visitors to scan read a page and it also encourages them to read more of your content.

Also, paragraph headings contain special code which the search engines use to read your page.

Importantly your paragraph headings must be congruent with the text that follows in the paragraphs below them. Search engine spiders are very clever, you can’t fool them these days so very high quality, unique content separated by paragraph headings is of paramount importance if want your website to rank highly.

Search Engine Optimisation

What we have been discussing above is the foundation of “on-site” Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

When you are considering speaking to a website design company it is really important that you speak to them about SEO because even the nicest looking website in the world is not much use if it cannot be found. The key to getting your website noticed is lots of great content which has been entered into the site by an operative with some basic SEO knowledge.

We have an option to teach Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills to our clients. This SEO Skills Training package is an add-on to our website design services because it is time consuming for us and like all training it will consist of a physical interaction and person-to-person ongoing support from us which soaks up time which of course costs money.

Small Business SEO Training and Coaching

When through your own efforts you make your website rank high in the search engines you will not only gain a great deal of pride, you will receive a great deal more meaningful traffic to your website and if your content is good you will convert more of that traffic to customers than your competition.

All of our SEO training includes person-to-person contact via skype, telephone and email so we will not sell you a training package, only to deliver you as set of tedious webinars or and videos. And what’s more we’ll hold your hand until you can comfortably manage on your own.

Corporate SEO Consulting, Training and Coaching

You may already have a website and the larger your business, generally speaking the larger your website will be and in turn this may mean that the larger the set of SEO problems you may have.

For larger businesses we can provide a complete Search Engine Optimisation consultancy and remedial action service. For more information on our SEO services simply contact us via the options on our Contact Us page.

Oh by the way. Including the headings and excluding the side bar content this page has 608 words of text.