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Mick Say – Website Developer – Digital Coach and Online Marketing Strategist

Mick Say Social Media and Online Marketing

Mick Say: Online Marketing Strategy

Mick has over 30 years Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience and has been tinkering with technology since Bill Gates was a lad. This unique blend of professional and life experience makes Mick and the Online Marketing Academy the perfect partner for businesses with the foresight to recognise the benefits of online category dominance.

Mick’s no nonsense, straight-talking approach to business development is reflected in his presentational style. Removing the techno-talk, Mick aims to make his seminars fun learning experiences for the benefit of his audience.

Mick’s Initial entrepreneurial ambition was to build a Business Development Consultancy for SME’s. However the new digital world has played its hand and the business has evolved in to an Online Marketing Academy and Digital Coaching School.

Passionate about business development, online marketing and social media. Mick is an Accredited Ecademy Digital Coach.

The Online Marketing Academy is the Estate Agents One-stop-Shop for Online Business Development training and resources.

Increasingly Mick works with clients who are dissatisfied with their online marketing, social media impact, and their organisational websites. Because the online world is increasingly important for business Mick now focuses on helping organisations to build meaningful online marketing strategies via support from the Online Marketing Academy.

Mick Say: Online Strategist

From Website Development for SME’s to “Total Immersion Online Strategies” for corporate giant, Mick Say is developing a reputation for excellence with business leaders and the futurists who make the-web-tick.

What Mick has achieved with the Online Marketing Academy is the ability for the Micro, SME and Corporate businesses to select an Online Resource and or training package which enables them to employ all of the technical and strategic knowledge needed to deploy an online marketing platform or strategy which is capable of helping their to achieve their strategic goals:

  • Client Attraction
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Client Loyalty
  • Client Retention
  • Client Referrals
  • Increase Average Client Spend
  • Get Clients to spend more, more frequently

Creating the Desire for the Online Prospect to Buy.

Creating the desire for a prospect to buy is no easy feat even when you are face-to-face with a prospect, yet it is the websites job to do this from the screen 24/7/365 and be a constant ambassador for your company.

Online architecture (websites and the internet) and Social Media platforms are where the battle for business is being fought, if your organisation needs to recruit the services of an SAS sniper or even a new General the Online Marketing Academy is the place to start. You don’t need a full time soldier, but you may need a non-exec expert to sit on and advise your board. How Mick Say the Digital Coach can support the CEO.